Where does all this weight gone in mother pregnancy?

Where does all this weight gone in mother pregnancy
Where does all this weight gone in mother pregnancy

In April 2018, we hear several celebrities have pregnancy, congratulation to them. They are including Kate Hudson who expecting her first daughter, royal princess Kate Middleton from British Empire, TV personality Chrissy Steigen, and supermodel Miranda Kerr. But in common, for first trimester, mom in pregnancy loss their weight. Why?

Firstly, they have their baby. A regular baby weights about six pounds. Some can weigh less and some weigh more. That amniotic fluid that their baby has been swimming in for the past 9 months weighs about two pounds. Figure in about two pounds for their breast enlargement and 1 1/2 pounds for their placenta. Their uterus, which started off about the size of a golf ball has grown to weigh about two pounds. Their body should be producing about four pounds of extra blood by the end of their pregnancy period and about seven extra pounds of fat. Remember the extra fluid of about four pounds that their body might be holding on to. All this equals to the grand total of about 32 pounds.

Now remember this is just a projection and not a warranty of how their weight will fall. There are womeb who wind up having a nine pound baby and others who have a four pound baby. The key success is to keep a healthy weight increase throughout their pregnancy. Their body needs extra calories and it is best for they and their baby if those extra calories come from foodstuff that has a lot of nutritional value such as protein, fruits, or vegetables. Keeping away from junk food for will help they curb their weight increase.

When it comes to taking the weight off, don’t be surprise if their body hangs on to it especially those first days after delivery. Once they are home keep this in mind that it took nine months to increase that weight so gives yourself at least a good nine months to take it off.

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