Thinning Hair – A Bald Case

Thinning Hair – A Bald Case
Thinning Hair – A Bald Case

How old you now? 60s or 70s? Congratulation, you have enough time to enjoy this life. I think you get wiser and deep thinker, but as you grow older, you also start losing your own hair. Thin hair has been the result of time, no one can against them. Other factors like heredity, current hair styling treatments like bleaching, perming, and coloring have also led to thin hair. Stress and bad diets also have a conflicting effect on the thickness of hair.

The coming guidances below give you some tips on how to restraint hair thinning problems:

#1 Hair Coloring.

At the time you coloring your hair, they appear thicker since the process literally roughs up the hair. It is obvious to give the presence of fullness since the hair strands slide one another and lie flat against each other. Get a lighter colors since they hide the scalp very simply.

#2 Select a curly look.

If you curl your hair, they appear fuller since the wavy look change the surface of the hair.

#3 Get protein shampoo in daily basis.

At the time you wash your hair in the morning, the hair oils are replaced, it provides the hair more body so that it looks thicker than the original one. You may using shampoos with hydrolyzed animal proteins, commonly named thickeners, they provide the hair more diameter. They coat hair so that each shaft appears three to four times fuller than before. Then, the hair appears hence and fluffy, looks fuller.

#4 Blow-dry your hair.

Get blow drying on hair that will make the hair three to four times thicker without harming the scalp. It plumps up the hair so that they look higher. But maintain the dryer three to four times away from the hair to keep away causing excessive dryness. You can use a conditioner following shampoo treatment when you tend to blow dry your hair frequently.

#5 Go to kitchen and grab some eggs.

Do crack an egg over the hair before shampooing. Do massage it for seven minutes and then rinse out. It has the similar reaction as protein shampoos as egg is an animal protein.

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