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Makeup Tutorial // mostly Cruelty Free is important and interesting to enhance your makeup skills, shining your beauty and increase your self-confidence. In this time we will learn a little bit about Makeup Tutorial // mostly Cruelty Free


hello my good people
i wanted to try out my frirst cruelty free makeup tutorial
i promise i have been trying to buy only vegan and CF makeup… we know mamas workin on a budget so i think i have figured out something that will literally make it to where i can review only Organic and Cruelty Free makeup! stay tuned for more info on that

i went to ulta to look for Kat Von D setting powder but with my luck they dont carry that line. so walking aimlessly around i saw morhpe was out… to be honest i thought they were an online only store so i had to stalk up on a pallete and some brushes, im just going to list the makeup that i used and if it it is vegan or cruelty free (CF)

DISCLAIMER MY MASCARA IS NON CRUELTY FREE! i promise i will have a new one in my next video. i also used some maybeline concealer for some acne scars… gotta say goodbye to that baddie as well.

Smash Box Studio Foundation 1.0 (CF/ vegan)

Airspun Loose Face Powder (CF)

Revolution Ghost Face Powder (CF)

Hula Bronzer (for some reason i thought this was a creulty free brand but its not. some sights claim they are but most dont so ima take that as a no)

Forever 21 Blush (CF) GUYS everything from the “Love and Beauty” line is cruelty free! even their nail polishes!!!

Maybeline Pink Blush not cruelty free, neither is its partner Loreal

Morhpe 35F Fall into Frost Pallet (CF) they make brushes that are vegan and non vegan as well, its up to you which ones youd like. i bought this pallete with my own money, i am not sponsored or an affiliate with morhpe. i have another pallete and love it so when i saw it in stores i had to

Eyeliner is also maybeline, if you guys have any good recommendations to similar natural mascaras please let me know in the comments!

Physicians Formula Highlighter (CF) some products may be vegan but as a company they cannot claim vegan as a whole. (really recommend) this one did have a slight pinkish tone, i didnt mind but something to keep in mind, i believe this color is Beige Purl

Iconic London Cushion Eyebrow set (CF/ Vegan)i have more of their products from a while ago i need to review

ABH Dip Brow Pomade (CF) some brushes of theirs are vegan

Glossier Boy Brow (CF) some products are vegan although im not sure which ones specifically

Lorac Pro Pallete 2 for brow bone highlight (CF) have always loved these

J Cat Setting Spray (CF!!) most of the powders they have are Vegan but i got this from Hush! 6$…

woah! now to the music

1. Adult Swim V8 // The Johnny Frost Band…

2. I know // Nakala (Nick Pacoli Remix) this guys work is amazing……

3. Best for You w/ sophie meiers and tola // VBND…

playlist of songs…

my soundcloud

NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED just trying to share some amazing peieces of art that have a movement of their own, please go show the artists some love, their work is out of this world

now thats. what i call a description box – mama mellow

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