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Make a zombie – Part 1 – Zombie makeup tutorial is important and interesting to enhance your makeup skills, shining your beauty and increase your self-confidence. In this time we will learn a little bit about Make a zombie – Part 1 – Zombie makeup tutorial


This tutorial video will show from beginning to end, how to make a realistic zombie makeup. The tutorial will have two parts. This first part will show the creation of the zombie mask itself with silicone rubber.

You can find a detailed description of the tools and materials used in the video at

Step 1 – 00:18
Creating a copy of the face.

Step 2 – 03:25
Pouring a gypsum statue

Step 3 – 05:04
Designing the zombie mask mold

Step 4 – 10:40
Making a mask mold

Step 5 – 12:20
Pouring the zombie mask

Step 6 – 14:28
Gluing and painting

The Part 2 with After Effects solutions comin soon, please subscribe our Youtube channel and get notified of it.

If anything we wrote was confusing, just write a comment and we will be happy to answer your questions. But if you could understand everything and just simply like what we are doing, we appreciate that kind of feedback as well. 🙂


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