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Ladder Braid Side Ponytail Cute Girls Hairstyles is important and interesting to improve your hairstyles skills, for girls or women, shining your aura and increase your self-confidence. In this time we will learn a little bit about Ladder Braid Side Ponytail Cute Girls Hairstyles

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Ladder Braid Side Ponytail Cute Girls Hairstyles
In this video, we show you first how to create a Feather Braid, and how to use one to create a super cute Ladder Braid. This video will essentially be two tutorials in one!

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We have used this braiding technique for awhile, and some of my YouTube friends have great tutorials as well {Hair4myPrincess, GirlyDos, BabesInHairland, etc}. This particular combination was inspired by a French YouTube beauty guru by the name of EnjoyPhoenix {}.

My girls are learning how to create this braid in their own hair, which is why we show you how to use it in a cute side braid. They love it because it seems much more grown up than the simply ponytail version. You will note that this braid has a similar fun look as a few of our other ponytail combos…

Braided-Over Ponytail {}
Side Fishtail Combo {}


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 3 small hair elastics, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

To see step-by-step instructions and more photos of this style, please visit…

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