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GRWM Rosy Cheek Makeup Korean Makeup Tutorial & Hair | is important and interesting to enhance your makeup skills, shining your beauty and increase your self-confidence. In this time we will learn a little bit about GRWM Rosy Cheek Makeup Korean Makeup Tutorial & Hair |


🎥Filmed&Edited by Yours truly, Cycy


몇개월 쉬다가 다시 돌아온 씨씨예요! 편집은 많이 부족하지만 혹시 보신 분들이 계시다면! 또 영상이 마음에 드셨다면
구독과 좋아요 해주시면 감사합니다💛

This is my first video after a few months of hiatus! Hope you enjoy it💛
I make this video for you to watch in the morning, while you do your makeup. So it feels like we’re getting ready together💞

I don’t know if any of you will watch this video,
but if someone out there do and like my video,
I would be thankful if you subscribe to my chanel and like my video so you can see more of me in the future!💛

See you soon! xx


📍Camera:Canon g7x mark2
📍Editing program: premiere cc 2017



“Introductions (beat collection pt 1) ” by 1171domino on Youtube 🙂 Check him out!

[track list]
jinsang – Breezin 0:00
jinsang – pine leaves. 1:21
Marquinch Mogule – Aug 10 2:55
Marquinch Mogule – Aug 13 3:55
lovn’ (with u’) – Dear darling 4:45
Killer Bee – intro 6:30
shinso – the tides 9:07
shinso – at times. 10:25
shinso – safe return. 11:42
shinso – when the leaves fall. (rainlord. x 12:55
mounika – how can i 13:42
Ljones – Day 29 – Ikaw 15:30
X I X X – you 17:40
lovn’ – About Her 19:45
cavanaugh – spring 20:55


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