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Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry Makeup Tutorial • is important and interesting to enhance your makeup skills, shining your beauty and increase your self-confidence. In this time we will learn a little bit about Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry Makeup Tutorial •


Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry Makeup Tutorial 💕This makeup tutorial’s intention is not purely/exclusively to replicate the makeup that Demi is wearing in the video, but to replicate the way Demi naturally looks along with her makeup, if you don’t want to look more like Demi and are just interested in the makeup she is wearing, not all the steps In this video are necessary (i.e. Brow shaping, nose contouring, lip shaping, Demi specific face contouring, etc.). I edited 2 hours and 41 minutes of footage into a half hour video ok. Just the brows alone took HALF AN HOUR. I started setting up the background of the video at 10:30am July 12th and I am now uploading it at 7:00pm July 13. I have been awake the ENTIRE time filming and editing this video.

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